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The family Rossetti began working in the construction industry in the sixties and, thanks to its expertise and technical resources, it becomes right now a valid point of reference in public procurement. The company over the years has increased its presence in the field of public works, becoming more and more professionalism and competence in the different fields, starting from the work of the subsoil, to road works and public housing The company has also participated in the reconstruction post-earthquake 2007 the regions of Marche and Umbria credited as being specialized in the field by the competent bodies. In addition, during the last decade has expanded its range of action giving rise to major real estate projects with private interventions that involved the purchase of building areas of value and the subsequent design and construction of buildings with a high living comfort and energy savings through the use of new materials and building systems technology. The company also boasts considerable experience and expertise in the sector of building renovations and upgrading the energy efficiency of homes in town centers with the use of materials recovery and quarry faces. The generational change, forward-looking ideas, modern technologies and a continuous development of manufacturing processes applied in projects contribute to raising the profile and credibility of the company that in time becomes transformed in Rossetti Company Capital SRL.
The journey led in recent years by Rossetti SRL highlights its ability to keep pace with developments in the market requires in terms of construction, quality, safety, organization and innovation.
Not surprisingly, its know-how in technology, considerable articulation skills and high reliability in construction, attested also by the UNI EN ISO 9001/2008, puts the company in a position of prestige in the field of national which also stands for the effective policy-oriented customer.
Just quet'ultimo and its many needs are the basis of an increase in its traditional SRL Rossetti: the construction and maintenance of industrial plants is accompanied by activity in the field of commercial and residential real estate and in the area of ​​public works.

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